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ASD Market Week is the largest fashion accessories, gift, and general merchandise B2B trade show and retail education conference in the U.S., with 50,000 twice-yearly attendees in Las Vegas. ASD is a division of Emerald Expositions (NYSE: EEX), the largest trade show operator in the U.S. with 55 events worldwide.


ASD Market Week was looking for solutions to:

• increase overall attendee registrations and vendor leads
• establish industry authority via best-in-class editorial content
• engage existing customers year-round between events
• drive new prospects to each event
• streamline/modernize their customer funnel


A Documented Content Strategy: The Marriage of Content + Social Advertising + Strategic Landing pages

• 818 created and managed an SEO-optimized online B2B magazine called the “ASD Insider” on Wordpress that attracts the desired B2B retailer audience before, during, and after each event. Content also included video, lead generation fashion and retail whitepapers — including a 60-page digital book titled, "6 Ways to Build A Successful Wholesale Business Today"

• The 818 team planned and executed successful Facebook ads and Instagram attendee/vendor acquisition, paid content distribution, landing pages, partnerships, on-site event content, and remarketing campaigns.


  • 12,000+ new registrants from Facebook, Instagram, and via company blog content
  • 14% Overall Attendance Increase Y-oY (the largest increase in 3 years)
  • Each new verified lead = $85,000 yearly value
  • ASD Named "Trade Show of The Year" (Trade Show News Network)

Key Takeaways

By creating best-in-class editorial content focused on the success of ASD's customers we were able to deliver thousands of new leads into their database - while bringing ASD's unique value proposition to life online and on social.

ASD wins, "Trade Show of The Year!" According to award presenter The Trade Show News Network, "in order to maintain and grow their market share, this innovative show developed new exhibitor and attendee acquisition tactics."

"A first of its kind inbound lead generation program that brought inquiries to them, versus them always having to go out and find them. “

"818 Agency elevated the quality of our editorial content and accelerated our lead generation to levels we had never experienced," Camille Candella, Senior VP Marketing Emerald Expositions

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