HarperCollins Publishing is one of the largest book publishers in the world, releasing 10,000 titles each year in the U.S. alone.


HarperCollins Children's Books and HarperCollins Global Team approached us with a question (several actually). How do we effectively (and efficiently) train our entire team to optimize our Facebook advertising campaigns and build warm audiences all year-round? They also recently launched a new flash sale site called BookPerk — how do we get new users for under $1 CPA?


We leveraged years of running effective Facebook and content strategy campaigns for our own clients and implemented our "818 Training Initiative" to help train up their C-suite and larger exec teams to run ads in-house. We did the following:

- provided an audit review for the Facebook campaigns they were already running — as well as a content review
- helped to clearly define their Facebook strategy, best practices, leveraging video, structured testing processes, media spend levels, and building audiences
- conducted numerous on-site, hands-on training sessions & Q&As for their teams based in the U.S. and abroad
- created, launched, and managed select book sale and Bookperk user acquisition campaigns


  • A complete and scalable FB ad system that they can continuously leverage
  • An approach to building warm audiences all year using content + Facebook and IG's targeting tools
  • A customized vision for pre-order book sales + select agency-managed campaigns

Key Takeaways

"We received tremendous value 818's Facebook Advertising workshop. Our global team now has a much better understanding of how to leverage FB ads along with content to generate maximum revenue." C.Goldwitz, Senior Director of Marketing Partnerships, HarperCollins Publishers

818 Agency is now running all Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for HarperCollins' new flash sale site, Bookperk.

Our CEO and Chief Strategist, Jed Wexler, along with Head of Social Media User Acquisition, Jennifer Spivak, were invited to present to 100 top executives at Harper Collins' Global Company Summit in Miami —along with a breakout whiteboard session. Yes!!

"I can't thank you enough for speaking at our Global Conference this week. It was fantastic to hear the questions coming from various corners of our business in your breakout." K. Saretsky, Senior Director, Strategy & Innovation, HarperCollins Publishers

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