Our Top Performing B2B Instagram Posts Surprised Us. Here’s What They Had in Common.

Using Instagram and other “consumer” social channels for business has proven to be more efficient than LinkedIn — but why? Our own top 6 may shed some light on the matter.

Five posts on our newly launched B2B Instagram account have vastly outperformed the others. We had a look at what these posts had in common, and the results surprised us. Curious about what works for B2B Instagram accounts? Here’s what’s working for us:


Our Happy 2017 Post (our first of the year)


91 reach (unique accounts seeing the post) | 113 engagements (likes plus comments)


Content Lessons from Film and Theater Legend John Gielgud


Best known for his Oscar-winning turn as Dudley Moore’s butler in Arthur, Sir John Gielgud (1904-2000) was one of Britain’s most accomplished actor-directors and a world-renowned Shakespearean. He was also an excellent writer. In our latest post (link in profile) we glean crucial lessons in creation, teamwork, skills, and experience that only applied work can give you. Here’s a tease 1) you must learn to become a good partner 2) be serious, devoted, and disciplined but don’t take yourself too seriously 3) it’s always dangerous to substitute scholarship and critical opinion, however brilliant, for contemporary instinct, and fresh vital imagination #content #marketing #writing #strategy #acting #JohnGielgud #agency #digital #blogs #video #b2b

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97 reach (unique accounts seeing the post) | 37 engagements (likes plus comments)


Treat Each Blog Post Like a Campaign

67 reach | 49 engagements


When Your Client Wins an Award

70 reach | 46 engagements

The 5 B2B Brands You Need to Follow on Instagram

When You Create Content for Everyone You’re Essentially Creating For No One


A lonely road indeed. #content #contentmarketing #leads

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63 reach | 35 engagements


Our Facebook Marketing Workshop at Neuehouse

No reach data | 35 engagements


There’s something about these posts…

They all have a two recurring elements: elegant, non-stock-y looking photos with crisp, story-driven copy added to the image itself.

People also seem to love awards, events, and anything to do with conferences or speaking engagements. 

Captions are important but not nearly as much as the image that got them there. Together they form the 1-2 storytelling punch you’ll need.

Increasing Engagement

We also use IFTT to ensure our Instas are instantly shared on Twitter as native photos instead of links. This has definitely helped.

Think Beyond LinkedIn.

While LinkedIn may be a good one-to-one networking resource, nothing beats the “consumer” social media channels for tracking down your B2B audience with super-focused content (as part of a larger content strategy of course).

Using Instagram and Facebook for business may just surprise you.

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