Events We Love - the teenVOGUE summit - Los Angeles December 1-2, 2017

Events We Love: The Teen Vogue Summit, December 1-2 in Los Angeles

We’re kicking off our “Events We Love” series with the inaugural Teen Vogue Summit coming this December 1-2 TO Los Angeles! This is where we feature the truly great global AND emerging events, conferences, and trade shows out there. To get us started, it’s Teen Vogue for the win.

As editorial director of today’s woke iteration of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth has taken the publication to groundbreaking new heights — and headlong into social justice and political topics right alongside fashion, beauty, and entertainment news.

She and her team have now translated that vision into an audience-connecting new offline event, The Teen Vogue Summit, coming to Los Angeles December 1-2.
instagram post by teenvogue with the caption - The future is LIT. We’re inviting young activists, creators and innovators to join the biggest brands and icons across the worlds of fashion, entertainment, tech and more for a two-day conference that will inspire you to change the world. The first-ever #TeenVogueSummit lands in Los Angeles on Dec. 1-2 and everyone’s invited. Tickets on sale now at! Get the early bird price before midnight tonight!

Events We Love

This new series of ours features the truly great global AND emerging events, conferences and trade shows that are taking it to another level. The criteria?

They’re great at connecting people to each other, have a powerful narrative of who they are and what their mission is, and are already doing the omni-commerce (offline/online) thing, or are on their way there.


The Teen Vogue Summit hits all of those notes.

They’re even building event awareness with a multi-city speaking tour to generate buzz and ticket sales and underwriting tickets and necessary travel costs (!) for 50 lucky attendees. Now that’s how you take care of your core audience.

Speakers for the Teen Vogue Summit
Photo Credit: Teen Vogue Summit Website
In light of Condé Nast shutting down the print version of the much-loved magazine, it makes perfect sense to bring this transformative brand to the people IRL. Their speaker lineup is all fire.

Think: Elaine Welteroth (of course), Ava Duvernay, Amandla Stenberg, Chelsea Handler, and about 80+ other impact-makers.


It’s all about building up your event and audience online and via social BUT the magic (and ROI) is in the actual human experience of making real-life connections at scale. That’s what makes cool business events so special.

See you in LA, TV.

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By Jed Wexler, CEO and Chief Editor of 818 Agency

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