Landing pages with great calls to action are essential for getting conversions for your trade show, event or convention

3 Crucial Landing Pages You Need for Your Trade Show or Conference

What’s a landing page, why do you need one? A standalone, a high-converting landing page is essential to streamlining event registrations, collecting sales leads from gated downloads, and to leveraging all of the content at your disposal. Here are 3 types you can’t – or shan’t – live without.

You’re driving a ton of paid traffic to your main event website and enterprise registration systems, but your conversion rate is, well… meh at best.

The solution is to create 3 types of strategic landing pages in order to streamline your attendee acquisition and sales lead flow all year round. (We favor the Unbounce platform to get up great looking and high-performing pages quickly.)

The rich functionality and “one-action only” nature of landing pages also enables you to test what works best — and abandon what doesn’t — practically in real time.

Before We Get Started… Make Sure Your Acquisition Channels Are in Order

First let’s get your customer acquisition channels in order – you’ll be sending traffic to your landing pages from all of these:

  • Paid Ads: Facebook, Google PPC, Instagram
  • Email Newsletters
  • Organic: Main Website / Blog
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Pro-Tip #1

Use your landing page URLs on all of your channels, paid and unpaid, including your social media bios – so all of your channels convert. Landing pages enable you to easily keep an eye on and improve your conversion rates.
Landing pages are crucial to get conversions for your trade show, event or conference

Gated Downloads

This might be the lead generation holy grail – a robust landing page that collects information from a potential attendee or vendor in exchange for an e-book, video, or industry product guide.

Note: this only works if the content you provide solves genuine pain points for your audience. Your leads will know instantly if they have a quality piece of content in their hands – if not, expect to lose a sale forever.
Offering gated content to your site visitors is the holy grail for conversions

Pro-Tip #2

A/B test your landing pages! What feels right and what actually works according to the data might be two completely different things. A/B testing (or creating more than one version of your page) ultimately lowers your customer acquisition costs. Once you get enough visits to a page you’ll have enough data to make an informed decision to flip all of the traffic to your “winner.”

Event Registrations (Especially for New Leads)

Does your existing registration form take 15-20 minutes to fill out?

Then use landing pages instead to quickly collect and track trade show, event, and conference registrations – especially from new leads who may need to be nurtured into your sales funnel.

Unbounce also has a “webhook” feature that enables you to send lead data right into any CRM (Pardot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Experient, enterprise registration systems, etc) as well as Google spreadsheets that auto-populate in real time.

Keeping your landing page form short for new leads can increase conversions

Pro-Tip #3

Use HotJar to see heatmaps of exactly where your landing page visitors are clicking and converting for easy page optimizations and redesigns.

Using heat maps to identify where your users are clicking can help you make adjustments to your landing pages to increase conversions

Workshops & Webinars

Trade show and conference attendees (and vendors) are constantly on the hunt for tactical information that can amp up their knowledge in-between events. Collecting leads via workshop and webinar landing pages can quickly establish your show execs as leaders in the field.

Leveraging Workshop & Webinar landing pages for lead generation is essential to creating conversions for your trade show, event or conference

Pro-Tip #4

Get your blog content to convert. Add your landing page URLs inside the blog articles on your website to ensure the audience reading your posts actually converts.

In Conclusion – Landing Pages Are Crucial For Conversions

A happy marriage of these three landing pages along with social advertising, and editorial content will ensure you generate vendor sales and event attendee leads year-round.

By Jed Wexler, CEO of 818 Agency +
Hristian Kambourov, certified conversion expertHristian is 818 Agency’s certified data analyst and leading landing page conversion crafter. He is one of just a handful of officially recognized Unbounce Experts. Hristian recently took part in a Q&A workshop at the Unbounce Conversion Conference in Vancouver in June 2017.

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