Facebook ad expert Jennifer Spivak and 818 Agency CEO Jed Wexler introduce 'Facebook Advertising for Business' workshop

818 Agency: Facebook Advertising Workshop for Corporate Clients

Do you want to learn how to run your company’s Facebook ad campaigns in-house? Our on-site corporate workshops streamline the learning process for busy executives and larger teams. 


Did you know that Facebook is now the preferred social media channel for B2B decision-makers, topping even LinkedIn? Were you aware that the data you properly collect through Facebook ads will allow you to significantly improve your audience targeting, lead quality, and decrease your cost-per-action over time?

Last question (promise): Do you have the team in place but not necessarily the deep, applied expertise or latest industry best practices?

A very biased answer to all of the above…

If you and your team are feeling stupefied, then book one of our expert-led, one-on-one corporate training workshops — and in the process, learn how this all fits into your larger content and lead acquisition strategy.



With Facebook ad expert Jennifer Spivak and 818 Agency CEO/Content Marketing influencer Jed Wexler, we’re thrilled to introduce the first in the workshop series: Facebook Advertising for Business. It’s years of successful client campaigns condensed into one easy-to-follow workshop.

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“Facebook ads can be an incredibly effective and cost-efficient lead generation tool for almost any business — IF they know what they’re doing,” says Jennifer Spivak, Head of Social Media User Acquisition for 818 Agency. “It’s relatively easy to go into the Ads Manager and set up a campaign, but it takes much more than that to make magic (ie low-cost conversions) happen. The worst thing you can do is try to dip your toe in without a proper strategy, ad testing plan, and an understanding of all the technical aspects involved in a successful, ROI-generating campaign.” 

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