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(Content) Dispatches from Berlin: 818’s Resident Filmmaker-Photojournalist Takes You There

Our visual content impresario, Ilias Jimenez, recently traveled to Berlin and shared his real-time, first-person photo diary with us.

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Near the train station at Alexanderplatz

Without further delay, in his own words and photos:

The first thing that struck me about Berlin was its side-by-side mix of high and low culture. Berlin feels like the creative, urban offspring of Manhattan and Brooklyn. High art and architecture see eye-to-eye with graffiti and street art at almost every turn. The coffee shops, live music, underground functions, bicycle riding, cloudy-to-rainy weather, just the right amount of dirty, and good + cheap food & drink. (NYC in the ‘90s, anyone?)

At first glance, Berlin appeared to be haphazardly organized — disorienting for sure — but also ideal for discovery.

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Gaudystraße street


The Visit – Coffee Shop

The Visit is in the “Soho” of Berlin, a.k.a. Kreuzberg.

I walked through an alley into a courtyard and there it was. The light hit this coffee cup just right that I felt no editing was needed.

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Note: The music was on point everywhere I went.

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Church in Mariannenplatz (on the edge of Kreuzberg).

Taking Gaudystrasse to Mauerpark and Bernauer Straße

I followed Gaudystrasse until Mauerpark — at end of the park, you have Bernauer Straße where you can see the remains of the Berlin Wall.

The rebar is still there. The surrounding area is still very industrial.

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Bernauer Straße

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An homage to the Berlin Wall


The graffiti around Berlin is a perfect visual backdrop for improving the visual content creation portion of your marketing strategy
60’s modern housing meet graffiti


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One of the locals

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Berlin Architecture

Berlin has a long, convoluted architectural history. It’s interesting to see modern design intent almost everywhere.

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The confusing nature of the city of Berlin makes for a perfect visual content creation destination - integrate your city into your marketing strategy.


If you’re looking for an easy way to amp up your visual content creation, consider including photojournalism into your marketing strategy

Street Art + Graffiti

Street art and graffiti are everywhere in Berlin — in basements, alleys, subways, homes, universities, high-end residential areas, and virtually every bathroom — and unabashedly mixed with high architecture.

People have decided to tag everything located on the ground floor of Berlin. Everything.

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Note: the active parts of Berlin are also littered with beer bottles at night, and they are all gone by sunrise thanks to the bottle collectors.

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Everything is closed in Berlin on Sundays. Good luck finding anything open. That’s probably a good thing though. I assume the entire city is sobering up from the city’s pils. I’ll be back in a month.


By Ilias Jimenez (as told to 818’s editorial director, Jed Wexler)

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