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6 CBD Wellness & Beauty Brands You Can Trust (And Why) — By the Team at Svn Space

It’s no secret that the CBD Skincare, Beauty and Wellness revolution has arrived. Everyone from fashion editors, retailers, influencers, and even the AARP set — are singing its praises. But with an ocean of (mostly) unregulated brands popping up every day, which ones can you trust? And why? Megan Villa, co-founder of hemp-inspired wellness e-commerce site Svn Space (and a featured panelist at our Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference) expertly points us all in the right direction

The New York Times recently (and rhetorically) asked the question, “Why is CBD Everywhere?”

There are so many CBD brands popping up every day that it can be terrifying for both retailers and consumers to try and figure out what brands to trust and what brands to try.  That’s especially true now that The 2018 Farm Bill has passed which officially legalized the production and sale of hemp — which is big news for CBD.

And since CBD is not regulated (yet), brands can pretty much put anything they want on their labels.  

In order to be an informed shopper or retailer, here are 4 things to look for when shopping for a CBD product:

1. Ideally, you want to look for a product that is made from full spectrum, high CBD Hemp extract. This means that it not only contains CBD but also all of the other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids from the cannabis plant. The cannabinoids work much better when they are all kept intact due to the “Entourage Effect” (more on that in the book I recommend below).

2. Is the product 3rd party tested? Ask the company if they have a certificate of analysis (COA) for the products you are interested in. If they don’t or cannot provide, this can be a red flag.

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3. Try to buy products made with American-made hemp. There are definitely brands out there using foreign hemp oil that are good, but be wary if the brand cannot provide details on where it is grown, how it is grown (organically), and how it is extracted and tested. Plus, it’s always good to buy local when possible.

4. Read your labels carefully. Since there are no labeling requirements, there are so many different ways products are being labeled. Look for what the dosage is, not just total mg in the product — that way you know exactly how much you are taking. Also, some brands say, ‘Hemp Oil’ which can be confusing to the consumer. Sometimes this means Hemp Seed Oil (mainly used in beauty products) which does not contain CBD.

Here are some of the products I am loving right now

CBD Oil, Everyday Secrets by Gretchen Lidicker

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This book by Gretchen Lidicker, the health editor at Mind Body Green, is well researched and has very relevant information on all things CBD. It’s the perfect starting point for anyone that is CBD-curious. There is so much misinformation out there that it’s refreshing to see a book like this right now. She gives the reader all the basics they need to start their journey into CBD. You can buy the book Everyday Secrets here

Juna, Nude Hemp CBD Drops

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I have tried many CBD drops (a.k.a tinctures) and these are definitely the best tasting. The founder has a background as a fine dining pastry chef, so quality ingredients are very important to her. She also figured out how to not make it taste too “cannabis-y” which I love. These aren’t super-high dosage either, so it’s perfect as a daily wellness supplement. And due to the clean taste, these go really well in your morning cup of tea.

available from Svn Space here

Yuyo Botanics, Turmeric Salve

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This salve is made with organic hemp extract, turmeric, cayenne, menthol, and aloe. We love these guys. It is a husband and wife team that have their own farm in Nashville, TN where they grow all of their own Hemp organically.

They have worked tirelessly behind the scenes on Hemp policy in their state and are super passionate about all things Hemp and supporting their local community. I love finding unique products and this turmeric salve is one of them. Two words: IT WORKS! All of my stress goes straight to my neck, so when I rub some of this salve on there I am as good as new. And it smells amazing — like a fancy day spa!

Check out Yuyo Botanics’ Turmeric Salve here.

Dehiya, Namaka Super Sea and C Antioxidant Mask

Namaka Super C and Sea Antioxidant Mask by Dehiya
available at Svn Space

This mask is full of antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients & fruit enzymes. It’s perfect for brightening skin and boosts cell regeneration.

Made with 100mg of full-spectrum CBD, it also soothes, calms and clears congested & acne-prone skin. It’s also a pretty unique product in the CBD space.

The founder of dehiya, Mia Chae Reddy, is pretty much a badass. She has a PhD — her dissertation was called, “Browngirl Narratives: Exploring Coming of Age in the Golden Era of Hip Hop (1986-1996)”.  She’s worked in the beauty industry (Smashbox, Chanel) for many, many years and she is all about inclusivity, which we applaud. Purchase it here.

The Good Patch, Period Patch

This may be a bit TMI (too much info), but what us ladies have to go through Every. Single. Month. Is not fun. I just came across this newly launched brand, The Good Patch, and want to thank them for coming to my rescue. They’ve created a series of patches all made with CBD, but my favorite is the Period Patch.

Since this is a transdermal patch, it is one of the faster delivery methods for CBD. I love that they are quick and discreet. They are amazing for helping to relieve hormonal discomfort and minor aches and pains.

You can buy the Good Patch Period Patch here

Rise Relief, Matcha Mint CBD Morsels

Rise Cannabinoid Rich Morsel
These Matcha Mint CBD Morsels are everything

I am a matcha addict, so these are a great way to get my matcha fix along with getting my daily dose of CBD. Made with matcha, mint, ginger, coconut, cacao butter, a proprietary terpene blend and 25 MG of active cannabinoids from full spectrum Hemp extract, these little morsels not only taste good, they make you feel good as well. You can eat them like a little chocolate treat or even better —mix one with some hot Almond or Coconut Milk and you have the best drink ever. Get yourself some of these Matcha Mint CBD Morsels right here.


By Megan Villa for 818 Agency.

Megan is the Content and Creative Director of Svn Space, a modern storytelling and e-commerce site for women focused on CBD and hemp-inspired beauty, health, fashion, and wellness. For an amazing primer on CBD, pick up the “ABCs of CBD” on the Svn Space site

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