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To See Your Content Strategy Succeed, Write it Down: Top Content Marketing Headlines

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some marketers (as many as 70 percent) approach their content strategy without a plan. In an age of smartphones, GPS, and omnipresent WiFi — even in subway stations — we’re used to figuring out our path on the fly. We can always look up directions. Unfortunately, launching into a content marketing campaign without a clear, documented strategy can hurt your overall return on investment, making your efforts up to 25 percent less effective. These headlines emphasize the importance of having a plan, and just as importantly, documenting your strategy.

Don’t Sleep on Content MarketingWall Street Journal

‘Editorial director” isn’t just a title for magazines anymore. Brands like startup mattress company Casper and Dollar Shave Club have gone beyond traditional content marketing efforts to establish full in-house media brands dedicated to their respective industries – sleep and shaving. The seemingly herculean step of creating a full in-house team indicates a shift in how companies view content production. Rather than simply producing articles for a blog or eNewsletter, brands are taking their roles as publishers seriously. Not all brands need hire the support of a full magazine masthead, however. Handing the role of ‘editorial director’ to an agency allows brands to scale the level of ‘staff’ as needed.

The Secret to Content Marketing in One InfographicAd Week

The title may sound like a gimmick, but this one-page glance at content marketing offers real insight into the growing industry. Ever feel like you put far more effort into your content strategy than your return suggests? You may be among the 70 percent of content marketers who lack a consistent strategy. Yet with a return on investment from content marketing more than triple that of paid search, a consistent, well-integrated strategy has never been more important.

Brands as Publishers: Success Follows Successful Content MarketingEntrepreneur

Analyst Rohan Ayyur encourages entrepreneurs to model their strategies after content giants LinkedIn and Red Bull, brands that have removed content from the context of advertising and created a sense of genuine community. While LinkedIn has used content to enhance the value of connections on its platform, Red Bull has used content to celebrate the lifestyle it represents, fueling consumer loyalty in the process.

Insights from the 2015 Content Marketing Report: Have a StrategyBusiness2Community

London-based video marketer Jonathan Savage breaks down the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Content Marketing Report with five points that indicate the future of the industry. One of the most intriguing insights comes from the B2B side. Although 83 percent of B2B companies attest to having some form of a content marketing campaign, only 35 percent admit to having a documented strategy. Strikingly, companies perform 25 percent better with a written plan, leaving the door open for plenty of improvement in the B2B space.

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