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Our Top Three Predictions and One Ultimate Buzzword for 2018

Ponder our top 3 content megatrends and one mega-mega buzzword for 2018!

Here goes:

Events are in. The event and exhibition industry is set to hit a new peak in 2018 and accelerate again in 2019 (CEIR). People want to meet each other in real-time. IRL is back. (“In-real-life,” FYI.) With that in mind, we’re launching a new “Events We Love” editorial series featuring the industry’s most visionary event founders, leaders, and execs. Fill out this very, very brief 5-question form or nominate a colleague you would like to see featured.

Video content marketing is in (of course). Audio is, too. People have been saying this for years but there has never been a better time tech-wise to use video storytelling in paid social, Facebook Live, Instagram, and LinkedIn to build quality audiences all year-round. Now is the time to create your own show –think B2B video but with a consumer vibe — and build your own audiences that convert. 

Cannabis is way in. Modern, metro, lifestyle.

2018 Buzzword(s)? We’re calling it: Analog Technology

We’re headed for a return in a big way to the analog, or IRL as a crucial complement to our digital lives. It’s that special, nostalgic, strategic something every type of business should consider. It’s all about URL + IRL. The phrase “Analog Technology” is just starting to get picked up by top industry blogs too, like this one from Shopify.

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The analog experience enhances the digital (and vice versa) while being the bridge that brings people together in person — which, really, is everything.

Stay tuned for all things 2018.

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