Content Marketing Trends: Shared Work Spaces Launch In-House Magazines

Creative collectives build sense of community and attract members with original publications featuring art, innovation.

With the rise of shared work spaces among freelancers and startup companies — particularly in creative fields like design, fashion, media and social technology — the atmosphere of these collective environments has gradually evolved from one of simple cohabitation to one of true creative collaboration, with members drawing on each other’s strengths and often ultimately working together. Responding to this cooperative environment while adding value to membership, co-work spaces have launched creative content marketing efforts that both unify and educate in a truly seamless fashion. Here are a few of our favorite examples:



We have witnessed (and benefited from) a collective environment of creatives as members at NeueHouse, a bi-coastal membership-based office space where we find continuous inspiration through on-site events and the insights of fellow members. We now also turn to NeueHouse as a source of ongoing creative news. The space’s in-house digital magazine, NeueJournal, features innovative art, design, film, theater, fashion, food and travel in an example of organic editorial marketing that adds value to membership while unifying members of the New York headquarters and its newly minted Los Angeles office. Much like event content marketing, the public articles available at, also help the space to continually attract creative candidates for membership.


NeueJournal, creative content marketing for NeueHouse


Creator (The WeWork Magazine)

WeWork, the freelancer-driven, flexible coshare office space mammoth now in 15 cities throughout the world, has taken a more traditional approach to content marketing for shared work spaces, launching in-house magazine Creator to feature entrepreneur profiles, how-to articles and on-site events for members. Focusing more on education than fostering community, WeWork has positioned Creator as a keyword-focused digital resource, adding value for members while effectively boosting WeWork’s rank among terms frequently searched by its target audience.

Content marketing for shared work spaces by WeWork



Although the Joynture ‘magazine’ effectively functions as a blog, the regularly updated content serves a number of purposes for the growing downtown NYC office space. Not only is the collection of entrepreneur profiles an added value to members, but the content also gives Joynture an opportunity to showcase the different types of startups that can benefit from the venue — all while boosting its SEO with seamless, keyword-rich content.

Joynture Magazine, content marketing for shared work spaces



The Takeaway

In one of the more creative forms of B2B content marketing taking shape, magazines developed by shared work spaces are allowing these venues to become continuous resources for members while providing other value-adds, including member recognition and a strengthened sense of community. Work spaces further benefit from content through boosted search engine rankings.

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Post by Tracie Heffernan, Lead Content Strategist at 818 Agency

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