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Content Marketing Trends: 3 Services That Are Changing the Industry

These content marketing trends are poised to reshape B2B campaigns.

Although initially slow adapters, B2B marketers have now embraced editorial marketing, with businesses ranging from law firms to manufacturers adopting content into their overall strategies. Headlines this week reveal emerging tools for B2B marketers that could mean even more growth for the industry.

1. User-Generated Content Clipping Services

Finding Video Gold in Web Garbage – The Wall Street Journal 

Image by Junkin Media for The Wall Street Journal

Video has already changed content marketing for many B2B marketers, but Los Angeles-based startup Junkin Media is about to change the game even further. Junking, a user-generated clip sourcing service that scours the Internet for gems before they go viral, looks at more than 400 videos a day. The company licenses the content then sells it to publishers, in most cases TV stations. With businesses increasingly seeking authentic content, however, the service stands poised to become one of the year’s biggest content marketing trends.


2. Virtual Reality

How Virtual Reality Could Change Content Marketing – Ad Age 

It’s hard to imagine virtual reality affecting businesses that exist outside science fiction movies, but with rapidly advancing technology that is already available to consumer-driven advertisers, the age of virtual reality for B2B marketers is close enough to start considering the possibilities. The immersive technology holds particular potential for products that may be difficult to explain to new customers. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a virtual experience is worth a million.

3. Automation

Find the Best Marketing Automation Software – Forbes

In the world of successful content marketing campaigns, content isn’t necessarily king. (We know — gasp.) Data is. If you want to convert your readers into customers, having the tools to assess which efforts are driving action is crucial. In one of the fastest-growing content marketing trends this year, a number of marketing automation services are now allowing businesses to track their content calendars, social media distribution and other editorial efforts in one platform — at least, that’s their aim. Like any service, finding the right one is less simple. Thanks for the help, Forbes!

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Roundup by Tracie Heffernan

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