818 Agency’s Guide to Content Marketing for Trade Shows & Events

Not sure how to begin your EVENT content strategy? We’ve collected our six essential articles about trade show CONTENT marketing to help you increase event attendance and keep your audience engaged all year round.

Our Event Content Marketing Team recently returned from providing some real-time social content creation (video + visual) and promotion at ASD Market Week, the largest general merchandise trade show in the country.

Content marketing has become essential to trade show marketing — and social channels have now become indispensable B2B tools. May we present our six essential articles about content marketing for trade shows.


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1. 12 (Bite-Sized) Commandments of Trade Show Content Marketing

2. 4 Easy Ways to Increase Event or Conference Attendance

3. Content Strategy for B2B Trade Shows and Conferences: A Primer

4. 5 Questions Every Trade Show Marketer Should Answer Before Launching a Content Strategy

5. 3 Easy Tools to Attract New Attendees

6. How to Grow Your Trade Show Attendance With Content — An Executive’s Guide (by 818 CEO Jed Wexler)

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