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Content Strategy for Trade Show Managers: Three Easy Tools to Attract New Attendees

Whether attendees realize it or not, trade shows are a year-round effort to pull off. With so much behind-the-scenes planning, it’s no wonder new-attendee marketing is often left to a single pre-show push. A strong content strategy can help trade show planners consistently engage and attract new attendees throughout the year, allowing them to cultivate more loyal followers while better understanding their audience through data.

Here are three simple ways content strategy can help attract new trade show attendees:

1. Launch a consistently updated blog.

Thanks to DIY platforms like WordPress, the ‘launch’ part of this first, most crucial step is simple. It’s the ‘consistently updated’ part that can become difficult for busy trade show managers to maintain. Add time for research, image sourcing  and SEO management, and it’s understandable why blogs without updates, despite their unparalleled value in driving traffic to a site and offering valuable insight into potential attendees’ online habits. A content strategy team can help you zero in on the topics most likely to attract (and convert) new attendees, and consistently publish quality content. A good firm will also help you integrate your blog with your existing site so you get the full benefit of increased traffic.

2. Develop a strategic landing page.

One of the fastest ways to attract new trade show attendees is with a landing page, which efficiently drives registrations and builds your online community for newsletters, giveaways and other direct marketing efforts.  One of the greatest benefits of a landing page, however, actually occurs before you even publish it. Landing page placement requires analyzing your audience’s behavior, which determines where and when your landing pages will be most effective. Trade show managers can also use this information to make operations decisions.

3. Distribute a regular newsletter.

An informative newsletter, which can draw from past blog posts, keeps your audience engaged while demonstrating your expertise. Notably, the more you focus on relevant news, insight and original research, the more loyal your audience will feel toward you. Although it can be tempting to take a sales-driven approach to content, an editorial mindset will do more in the long run to inspire registration among past and new attendees.   And the fuel for your email newsletters?  Your existing blog content.


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