Apps for trade show marketers

Essential Mobile Apps for Event Marketers

Boost your event content marketing campaign and expand your audience reach with these helpful apps.


Whether you’re planning a conference, trade show or sporting event, these cost-effective mobile apps can help you boost attendance, find on-site promoters, and even gain valuable audience feedback:

1. Booked Out

Available for: iPhone and Android

How it works: Booked Out connects event marketers to freelance brand ambassadors, models, guerrilla marketers,  promoters and even sales specialists, allowing you to flexibly add staff and coordinate with your digitally built team in real-time.

How it boosts you content marketing: On-site education and real-time content are crucial components of a successful event content marketing campaign. Finding experts, influencers and ambassadors to create fresh content during your conference event helps to build day-of excitement online.

Event content marketing tool -- Booked Out

2. Survey Maker by Isoperla

Available for: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

What it does: Survey Maker lets you build multi-page, mobile-friendly creative surveys — no technical knowledge required. Capture information, gather data and analyze results right on your phone.

How it helps your content marketing: The backbone of any good event content strategy is data. The ability to analyze your attendees and their insight allows you to make better decisions on future events.

3. Mag Loft

Available for: iPhone, Android, Desktop

What it does: Mag Loft turns your digital magazine, blog or newsletter into a mobile magazine

How it helps your content marketing: Expand your reach by catching your attendees on the go. Interactive versions let you add elements like sound, video and image sliders.

Event content marketing app - MagLoft

4.  PressMatrix

Available for: Software for software app, available for all systems

What it does: Publish white papers, catalogs, brochures or other material as an enriched, native app

How it helps your content marketing:  PressMatrix make your titles available on search engines, giving you greater reach for great content you’ve already created and strengthening your position as a leader in your industry.

Content strategy app - PressMatrix

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